"STINKY" Print

(Chocolate Labrador Retriever)


Meet Stinky – lover of dirt, hater of soap. He’ll go to any length to avoid a bath and has dreams of winning the title of world’s dirtiest dog.
Favorite food: Raw garlic    
Favorite movie: “The Dirty Dozen”
What makes his tail wag: Chasing skunks  
Favorite pastime: Mud baths    
Favorite movie: “The Dirty Dozen”
Hidden fact: He’s actually a Yellow Lab


UNFRAMED PRINTS (highest quality printing on true photographic paper)

5x7  $27
8x10  $39
11x14 $49
16x20 $59
20x24 $125


FRAMED PRINTS (Giclée print, matted under glass, black frame only)

12x14 double mat with 8x10 print (overall size is 14x16) $59

16x20 single mat with print measuring approx.12x12 (overall size is 20x24) $89

* Watermark will not appear on print.