About Ron


I got my first camera from my Uncle Russ when I was nine years old and was instantly hooked. I took pictures of EVERYTHING from that day on, including many pictures of my collie, Nikki. Little did Uncle Russ know that his small gift would have such a lifelong impact.


Fast forward. I am running my own commercial photography studio after graduating from a top art school and working in NYC. I need a holiday card to send out to my clients that will also double as a marketing piece for this competitive career that I have chosen. I grab my trusty lab, Indy, and a bag of cheese (to get her to pose for me) and head out into the woods.


The result?  My "Laberjack" image...and the number of compliments that I received from my clients was just amazing. I remember turning to my wife and saying, “I think I’ve stumbled onto something here" and I am so glad that I did. Now, not only do I get to take pictures for a living but also get focus on my favorite subjects…DOGS!


Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy creating them.


Thanks for visiting!


PS: We are huge animal lovers at Loose Leashes, so each month a portion of my sales are donated to support animal welfare causes.