"PIP and SQUEAK" Print


The Rivals

Pip and Squeak are twins who bicker and battle over anything and everything. From chew toys to this prized bone, each wants what the other has and will go to any length to get it!

Favorite song: “My Way”
Favorite phrase: “That’s mine!”
What makes their tails wag: Wishbones  
Hidden fact: They never go to bed angry

UNFRAMED PRINTS (highest quality printing on true photographic paper)

5x7  $27
8x10  $39
11x14 $49
16x20 $59
20x24 $125


FRAMED PRINTS (Giclée print, matted under glass, black frame only)

12x14 double mat with 8x10 print (overall size is 14x16) $59

16x20 single mat with print measuring approx.12x12 (overall size is 20x24) $89

* Watermark will not appear on print.