Hot Dog!

by looseleashes June 01, 2009

Pa & PeaHot Dog! Unfortunately, I am not talking about the delectable treat that is served in a bun. I am talking about me! When the weather is hot, I am stuck walking around in this white fur coat and it can get downright uncomfortable. My friend Pa and his boy, Pea, have shared some tips with me that I thought I would pass onto you!! Keep cool!

How Do You Find a Way to Keep Cool?
How do you find a way to keep cool on a sticky-hot summer day?
Do you seek out a shady tree and nap the day away?
Do you slurp up lots of water?
Do you sit in front of a fan?
Do you splash around in a pool?
Do you hunt for the ice cream man?
How do we find a way to keep cool on a sticky-hot summer day?
We jump into our rubber tubes, and float around the bay!

From the book “Loose Leashes”
Random House (Copyright 2009)
Available on-line and in bookstores



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